Saturday, September 26, 2015

10 Proven Employee Engagement activities that you can start today

After a long break I would like to share on how to engage your existing employees and new coming employees. I would like to share some activities that really helpful in engaging, I have read some employee engagement activities on different websites and i have collected best that 

Survey has shown that 87% of employee are not engaged in their job, if you can follow my researched 3 tips then you might be improve 20% of your current employee engagement activities and that might help your organization to retain most of the top employee.

Relationship with Managers 

75% people don’t quit their job the quit their boss

How to improve this ratio

  1. Start Coaching program
  2. Take Feedback
  3. Show Opportunities to develop

Happiness - Keep Employee happy both at work and outside office

Happy Workers are 12% more productive, Please check whether your employee is happy at work or not, its not only case of happiness at work, but if someone is not happy outside the office then he might be not productive at work. 

3 Ways to make your employ happy

  1. Respect Employees
  2. Ask for Ideas
  3. Show Genuine Concern

Work on Employee Wellness – 

health is wealth, run a wellness program which provide clear benifits

3 ways to Run wellness program

  1. Walk around Frequently
  2. Provide healthy snacks
  3. Offer a Gym Membership

Company Alignment – 

the way that employees align with the company’s core value has direct effect on company’s bottom line profit.

3 way to Improve company alignment

  1. Repeat the core value 
  2. inspire with the mission 
  3. Teach employees the vision

Workplace satisfaction

Have open and honest communication so that an employee can say their work is meaningful or not.

3 ways to improve employee workplace satisfaction

  1. Pay Fairly 
  2. Enable Employee 
  3. Give Clarity of their Job role

Relationship with Colleague

Socializing with colleague is the only thing proven to make you as happy when you are not at work

3 way to Improve internal staff relationship

  1. Organize team events
  2. Encourage informal chat
  3. Let employees work together

Take Feedback From Employee

15% Lower turnover rates in companies that implement regular employee feedback

3 option to take feedback from employee

  1. Check in once per month 
  2. Encourage peer feedback 
  3. Ask for new Ideas

Employee Recognition Program – 

78% OFF employees said being recognized motivate in their job.

3 ways to run employee recognition program

  1. Praise once per week 
  2. Ask coworkers to praise 
  3. be specific with praise

Employee Personal Growth

Companies that invest more in training and career development outperform their peers.

3 ways to improve your employee personal growth

  1. Encourage side projects 
  2. continuous learning 
  3. repeat the mission

Company Recommendations

Ask employee  how you would recommend our company to your friends in out of 0 – 10 points (0 is Low - 10 is high).

3 ways to take company recommendation from employee.

  1. Emphasize their purpose 
  2. Conduct interviews 
  3. Get feedback on the culture 

For detailed information you can visit 15 employee engagement activities on slideshare. You can share your ideas in comment for improving employee engagement.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Learn how to do Video Calling through Google Hangout

Well Today's digital age, Video calling is most important to stay connected with our long distance close friends and family. You can easily do a video calling through facebook, Skype, facetime and Google hangout.
Video calling through Google hangout

Today I am going to show you how to do video calling through google hangout, before we proceed let see the system requirement for google hangout.

Supported browser

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Firefox
  4. Safari

Supported Operating system

  1. Mac Os
  2. Windows
  3. Chrome
  4. Ubantu and Linux
For detailed configuration please visit

  1. Open Hangouts in Gmail or Google+.
    • Gmail: In the bottom-left corner, click on the Hangouts icon .
    • Google+: In the top-right corner, click on the Hangouts icon .
  2. Select a person from the Hangouts list. Or click the search button  and type a name or email address. When you find the person you want, click their name.
    • If you want to start a group video call, check the boxes in front of multiple people's names.
  3. Click the video icon .
IF you have any confusion then visit

Video Showing how to Google Hangout with 10 People and more

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Reasoning Questions & Answers Quicker Solutions for Competitive exam – Video Guide

If you are preparing for the competitive exam whether its state level or national level your reasoning ability will be tested. Reasoning sections is always found in bank exam whether its SBI bank or IBPS bank exam, even some private banks like Union bank, ICICI, HDFC or Reserved bank of India they are also adding reasoning subject. 

This post is all about your one step solutions, I have collected some best reasoning video from the youtube that you can watch here.

Why Reasoning is Important in Competitive exam?

Before I share all subject wise videos it’s very important to know why the big mind putting such a syllabus, Although the same work is not there in any job. Well we all are wrong, I will put my opinion here may be few will agree with me others might not.  Reasoning Ability is important because it helps to find the right conclusion from the information that we provided
Syllabus for Reasoning 

Reasoning course is divided in 2 parts

  1. Verbal Reasoning topics
  2. Non verbal Reasoning topics

Topics Covered in Verbal Reasoning topics

  1. Learn quicker solutions for Number series questions


2) Learn how to give fast answer to Letter & symbol series questions

  1. Know how to give right answer to Statement and argument related reasoning questions
  2. Quicker solutions for Logical problems
  3. Fast solutions for Alphabet test
  4. Quicker solutions for Passage and conclusions related reasoning problems
  5. A simple and fast solutions for Blood relations problems
  6. Direction sense test reasoning quicker solutions
  7. Input output problem solution
  8. Learn how to give fast answers of Coding-decoding Questions
  9. Problem on Number ranking a quick solutions
  10. Fast answers of Making judgments etc.

Topics Covered in Non verbal Reasoning topics

  1. Simple Solutions for Making series / analogy questions
  2. Classification Problem quick answers
  3. Series test - Complete guide and fast solutions
  4. Odd figures - Problems and answers
  5. Miscellaneous test etc. - Know what other topics can be asked.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Opencart Marketing Guide - Open cart SEO best practices 2015

Recently I got a chance to optimize open cart website, I have a client whose online portal was developed using opencart, During my web optimization task I found some valuable information and solutions that everybody is searching online. So based on my past research and implementation I decided to write complete marketing guide for opencart, so anybody who reads this guide can easily make changes on website and make it search engine friendly.

During my optimization task, I come accross various challenges and to solve it I have done lots of research in forums, blogs and other website, Now I have all the solutions so I would like to publish it here so Like i wasted time other people will not waste there time.

In my open cart marketing Guide I have listed step by step solutions for website optimization, web traffic tracking, Retargeting and other product selling techniques. Below is some highlight of my opencart marketing guide.
  1. Website Structure
  2. www vs non www 301 redirect
  3. URL optimization
  4. How to setup canonical URL
  5. Unique Meta tags
  6. Crawlability and accessibility test
  7. Image optimization - Alt tag and title
  8. Robots.txt
  9. XML Sitemap
  10. Speed Improvement - Browser & server side caching, CSS, Java script, Image optimization and more.
  11. Google Analytics setup
  12. Implement Custom search box for Google
  13. Adding Conversion tracking code
  14. Remarketing setup
  15. Webmaster tool setup
  16. Check mobile friendly test
  17. Check your cross selling, upselling and Recently view products
  18. 301 redirect test
  19. Retargeting through email - cart abandonment email, wish list & shopping cart reminder
  20. Show brand trust signal in shopping cart
  21. Customer Support - Live chat, email, phone call

I am working on images and content on above mentioned 21 points and very soon I am going to release a complete guide for it. If you have a question or any ideas please share your thoughts in my comment sections.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Top 10 Interview Question asked by HR Manager

IF you are planning to give interview, then be ready to face this top 10 HR questions. Before I drive you to the questions start, I would like to take you to the complete interview process. First your interview will be divided in 2 or 3 parts, its totally depends on the company interview process. Most of the top level company now first taking telephonic interview, If you fit on the job profile and criteria then you have to face the HR round, and after you clear HR interview, Your Technical skill will be tested by your industry experts.

Finding right answer is very important, as All the basic questions is only about yourself, so Its important that you must know your self, who you are now?  It is not necessary that the questions that I am going to share with you will always ask by the interviewer, but most of the time 80% chances is that you will face this.

So I now I don't like to wait you more, I like to share the top and basic questions that in my 6 years of career I have faced in my past interview.
  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What are your strengths?
  3. What are your weaknesses?
  4. What was your greatest accomplishment?
  5. What do you know about our company?
  6. What did you like least about your prior job?
  7. Why did you leave your last job?
  8. Where do you see yourself 3-5 years from now?
  9. Will you relocate?
  10. Why should I hire you?
If you think you have some Good Answers then you can reply back through the comment, In my next post, I will try to explain all the possible and more meaningful answer which may impress the person who is taking your interview.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Impact of HTTPS on SEO & How to Install SSL certificate on Website?

Well, One of  the biggest updates in seo industry brings by Google to improve web security i.e we call SSL https seo updates,

Now when i look at the search query i found that most of the website are started switching from http to https and google is providing some ranking boost, and this encourage some other webmaster to try https.

But the major concern with https is that if you dont know exactly how to switch, what will be the speed issue, Then I suggest you to first read SEO considerations when moving from HTTP to HTTPS article written by Stuart Long.

SSL Certificate - Website With HTTPS

After the HTTPS updates have have noticed some improvement in ranking for the website which are already using ssl certificate and having HTTPS,

Google Officially tell that they will give importance to website which are secure, that means a website opening with https will have more rankings chances if they load fast, responsive, unique content and having great natural link profile.

So how to fix SEO of HTTPS Website

  1. Open website only in one format, Either you choose HTTPS or HTTP, Do the 301 Redirection of any one.
  2. Use 2048-bit key certificates
  3. Use Green Bar With your company Name, You must have seen this trust signal on banks websites.
  4. Do 301 Redirect ALL Pages to HTTPS
  5. Check Whether all your pages are loading properly or not
  6. Also note down the loading time

Top SSL certificate Provider

How to Install SSL Certificate on Website

Installing SSL certificate on website is never easy, I am sure after this Google SSL update, There will be more jobs opening for SSL installation.

Here are some Reference website where you get detailed Guide on SSL installation

Friday, April 10, 2015

Best practices in 2015 for Local SEO & Google+

Let's talk about a platform that had not yet commented on Target SEO, talk about Google Places (Google + Local).

Local results have taken (and take) a great relevance thanks to the rise of mobile connections, so it is essential for any local company to be well positioned in them.

How to list your company in Google Places?

First, as we were to position in the organic results (because it is), we conducted an analytical keywords (Keywords Research) using the AdWords Keyword Tool exact matching and local outcomes.

The goal is to find the target market for our business and in our area of ​​action, the target market about the keywords is measured by its volume and intentionality, action searches intention (purchase, registration, reservation, etc..) Can join keyword combinations + type locality for example.

Once we clear the keywords to which we will give our business to focus mainly high in Google Places platform, successfully completing business listing, correctly in the sense of adding keywords without losing the commercial value, fill all fields to be as complete as possible and add as reinforcement if images, videos.

Google will send a letter by postal address with PIN validation, the time is approximately 2-3 weeks.

We must be ready so we will also optimize the website to boost local SEO, we will standard on-page optimization taking into account:

  1.     Keywords in titles.
  2.     Independent descriptions that enhance the CTR.
  3.     Code clean and fast loading speed.
  4.     Intuitive navigation, good index-ability.
And as a bonus is important to add the location of the company and contact details.

Finally, the Link citation process that focused on website which shows on local results:
  1.     Links from local sites and directory.
  2.     Links located within the content.
  3.     Context related link.
  4.     Mentions the company to enhance the Authority.
It is also important and I note the recommendations from social networks is of great importance for SEO today, and empowerment of comments on Google + by our customers.

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