15 Viral Message on Facebook & Whatsapp with highest sharing & comments

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Today whatsapp and Facebook become a top viral media, you can easily spread one message to thousands of people and if your message is something valuable, funny and interesting then people will forward it their friends and share to their social accounts on facebook, twitter and google+.

Today I was watching a facebook page of  Laughing colors I collected top 15 message from it and I believe all you will like this.

1. Parent and Referee Message on Whatsapp and Facebook

2. True Love, friendship and relative is only for lucky people

3. Cute Answer by little Girls

4. Dedicated to All Girlfriends

5. Teacher and Kids

6. Motivational Good Morning message

7. Conversion between Judge and Husband

8. Two Well Known Problems of Girls 

9. Impact of Movies on Kids

10 - Lovers Sitting in a Park

11 - Best message for Friends

12 - Equations of Marriage

13 - Long Gap between Marriage and Engagement

14 - Every boys Wish for Life Partner

15 - Situation arise when Two Ladies Fighting to Seat on Bus

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Review of Tata Zest XMS Petrol - After Driving 5000 KM

Friday, January 23, 2015
I was looking to buy a car and I have checked several time on carwale, compared swift, amaze, grand i 10, etios and more.  When I was checking On road price the price was getting little high as my on road budget was around 6 Lakh, and I was missing some feature like alloy wheel, airbags, abs.

When Tata Zest Launched - I got everything I was willing to have in my Car and the best things was that I was getting all these feature by paying less money compared to top compact sedan leaders in India.

Tata Zest XMS White Color

And In my case Zest was the first car that I had driven, and I had bought after taking first test drive.

Now I had completed driving 5000+ KM  and I am comfortable to give the performance, mileage and customer experience review.

Dealer Where I purchased tata Zest in Surat

I had purchased Zest XMS (Petrol) From Shreeji Automart, Surat and they had provided me on time. The guidance Given from the salesmen Mr. Dinesh during test drive was quite impressed me, and I have switched from XM to XMS model.

Exterior of Tata Zest

Exterior is Amazing, you cant complain it, Front view, side view looks modern, Almost a complete package from front, Alloy wheels gives some modern looks and I am sure it will not allow me to think for new car in next few years.

Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) on Tata Zest XMS Petrol

Space, comfort on zest is outstanding, just i was missing Rare AC, but At this price segment I have no complain. Music system by harmen is just outstanding, Speakers are performing beyond expectations, still I was thinking to add 2 more at boot. Speedometer, Steering and seats are very comfortable.

3 big People comfortably seat at back seat, and 4 people can also be adjusted for short trip.

Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox of Tata Zest

I had completed 5000 Km and completed first free services. Engine is performing well, We can drive easily around 120 KM Speed on highway - at average of 16KM/l

Gear box is very smooth

When we drive  around 70 to 90 Speed in Eco Mode - average is Coming under 19

When we drive  around 70 to 90 Speed in City Mode - average is Coming under 17

When we drive  sports mode (Speed above 120) - average is Coming  15 to 16

I had attached proof of the average I received. I had crossed 332 KM in 5 hours - Including highway and Surat City Traffic. I measure this from Dahod to Adajan, Surat trip.

Tata zest mileage test

I have also made a complain of average but when service manager drive my car around 20 KM with AC OFF, My average was coming 22+ on ECO and 19 on Sports mode - We have tracked this on average indicators.

Ride Quality & Handling Quality With Speed Test of Tata Zest

Fantastic car when it comes to handling, Brakes are Nice as I have ABS, Used on first driving and car remain stable even on placing high speed brakes. Steering remain stable.

Final Words on Tata Zest XMS

Not last but, I can say a best car come for me at a right time. Enjoying long drives. And I feel proud owner of the Tata zest.

Staff and Service Manager at Surat Shreeji auto mart are very supportive. Also I am happy that tata motors itself is checking all the improvements. In last 3 months I had provided almost 7 Feedback to them.

Areas of improvement  in tata zest

Door Noise can be improved but still no complain, Other things I didn't noticed, As may be its my first car it fulfill all my needs.

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Social Media Marketing Monitoring tools - List of Best Free & Paid SMM Tools

Monday, January 5, 2015
Social Media is very effective when you track all your activities. Its very tough to see all activities on private sites, so you need to have knowledge of some free and paid tools that can effectively monitor all your work on social media sites like facebook, twitter, google+, instagram, pinterest.
Social media marketing

I was search for tool that can track track all my activities on social media, I found an interesting infographics on social media free and paid monitoring tools. 

Here is the detail KISSmetrics Infographics

Social Media Monitoring ToolsKISSmetrics Web Analytics
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How Website Color Impact Conversions - Web Usability Infographics

Monday, January 5, 2015
If you belongs to e-buisness then conversions matters, whether its ecommerce website or simple buisness website every website impact by the colors used in website background.

I have shared a below infographics from kissmaterics website.
As per your target audience (gender) you can use different colors to designs a better website, which has best usability.

++ Click Image to Enlarge ++

How Colors Affect Conversions
Source: How Colors Affect Conversions – Infographic
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Gujarat bin-sachivalay clerk recruitment 2014 - Gaun Seva Pasandgi Mandal

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Hi All.

I Hope you all have completed the Gaun Seva Pasangi mandal bin-sachivalay clerk exam that held on 21/December/2014.

A provisional answer key is provided here - Click here to Check All your Answers

Once we got any update regarding the final results, I will provide you link.

Here is the Detail Clerk Exam advertisement

Waiting for the most excited government job in GujaratGujarat gaun seva pasandgi mandal gandhinagar bring you un opportunity to show your talent on clerical jobs. Gujarat government has bring 2443 vacancy in various sub department of government fields.

Gaun seva pasandgi mandal - Gujarat bin-sachivalay clerk recruitment 2014

To get full access on the Gujarat bin-sachivalay clerk Advertisement - Download this PDF file

How To Apply for the Job - Open 

Step 1 - Please open http://ojas.guj.nic.in/ YOu can also open this website dirctly by clicking on this http://ojas.guj.nic.in/

Step 2  - Now Click on Apply Online - You will redirected to http://ojas.guj.nic.in/AdvtList.aspx?type=curr

Step 3:   At the bottom you will find  Gujarat bin-sachivalay clerk Advertisement Number - GSSSB/201415/38 , The Job Name - બિન સચિવાલય કારકુન સંવર્ગ વર્ગ 3 And at the last you find APPLY Online - Just click on it.

Step 4  - Now you have a form which needs to fill with your complete information. The following things needs to be taken care while filling the form,  otherwise you will waste the time
- Special Characters not allowed <%<>'()&+-;!>,.-* etc.

- * indicates mandatory field.

Step 5 - - Please note that the Ojas Guj.nic.in government website is Best Viewed in Internet Explorer 7 or above and FireFox 3.5 or above browsers.

Exam body of  Gujarat bin-sachivalay clerk recruitment 2014

You need to pass 2 exam  1) Written Exam and 2) Computer Exam

For written exam of Gujarat bin-sachivalay clerk recruitment you need to learn below course

Gujarat bin-sachivalay clerk written exam course

And After successfully passing Gujarat bin-sachivalay clerk exam you need to score good on computer practical exam also.

Gujarat bin-sachivalay clerk computer practical exam
Later on i will add more information on computer subject and its material, as its my core expertise, I just publish this blog to get awareness of latest job in Gujarat Government.

Some people also getting difficulities in finding the exact website of Gaun seva pasandgi mandal

The Main website of gujarat gaun seva pasandagi mandal is http://www.gsssb.gujarat.gov.in/

IF you dont know the exact website address of gujarat gaun seva pasandagi mandal then you can open www.google.com or www.bing.com and just search the below words you will find relevant website with more information

  • Gaun seva  -- You will Get List of all website but check the main official website.
  • gaun seva result  - Results will shows all upcoming jobs results, but you need to identify the main website where you can see all marks.
  • gaun seva result 2014 - Here the Google and Bing will open same results but you will get results only for the exams which are conducted in 2014.
  • gaun seva gujarat - Official website will come on first , if you dont know please note the main website is http://www.gsssb.gujarat.gov.in/ 
  • gaun seva mandal - Probably you are looking for Main website
  • gaun seva pasandagi mandal - Results will same but open this website for current government news http://www.gsssb.gujarat.gov.in/
  • gaun seva pasandgi - Its just variation of searches but you will get all related results
  • gaun seva pasandgi mandal - Same results will appear for this searches
  • gaun seva pasandgi mandal exam date - Blogs and official government news will come which has exact information about the exam date.  But if you continuously stay updated on http://www.gsssb.gujarat.gov.in/news.htm then it will be great help for exact information.
  • gaun seva pasandgi mandal exam paper - List of website appear which has old and new sample papers for the exam.
  • gaun seva pasandgi mandal gujarat - Open results of Gujarat only, and that will be more releavant searches for you.
  • gaun seva pasandgi mandal head clerk - If there is any new head clerk recruitment available then all website appear with job description and how to apply it.
  • gaun seva pasandgi mandal result - List of Website with exam results notification
  • gaun seva pasandgi mandal talati - Only shows talati recruitment notification
  • gaun seva clerk typist test  - More relevant query if you are searching for Computer typing test exam videos, website and more
  • gaun seva clerk job 2014 - Notification of all new recruitment in 2014 under gaun seva

There are still lots of searches that user created, but knowing what results will appear will save your time.

Need more information on the topics then you can comment me, I will be happy to provide you solution.

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SEO for HTTPS Pages, SSL Certificate Installation and Buying Guide

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Well, A Major updates by Google to improve web security,  Whenever Google search updates, every time I was doing complain Why they do the updates, There updates are not realistic and horrible, almost all search query are getting different. But this time I am with Google.

SSL Certificate - Website With HTTPS

Although HTTPS updates have downs some Google rankings, But this is game changer, Google Officially tell that they will give importance to website which are secure, that means a website opening with https will have more rankings.

From last two year we all have seen that all Website development companies providing web application services with responsive design, and now i am sure in next few months we all see that “we develop website with SSL certificate”  And all other website which has not installed SSL certificate, they will soon install SSL certificate.

So how to fix SEO of HTTPS Website

  1. Open website only in one format, Either you choose HTTPS or HTTP, Do the 301 Redirection of any one.
  2. Use 2048-bit key certificates
  3. Use Green Bar With your company Name, You must have seen this trust signal on banks websites.
  4. Do 301 Redirect ALL Pages to HTTPS
  5. Check Whether all your pages are loading properly or not
  6. Also note down the loading time

Top SSL certificate Provider in 2014

How to Install SSL Certificate on Website

Installing SSL certificate on website is never easy, I am sure after this Google SSL update, There will be more jobs opening for SSL installation.

Here are some Reference website where you get detailed Guide on SSL installation
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25 Secrets disclosed for sharing fresh content on Internet - Must Read Post

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Well, After a short span of time, today I got a good topic so I decided to share some interesting story about customer engagement. Well I have also updated my blog, hope you like it.

Today first I would like to start sharing a thought on social media, well this are the well known content sharing place, but this post is for the persons who get confused on what they should share on social media, what type of content your reader want? so this infographes will surely solve your doubts.

Now you have all the place for sharing social content, now its time for you to identify the potential places where your audiance might be existing, above 5 ways you can update your status, information regularly.

I have just share 5places where your content is updated, there still 20 ways of content sharing is pending. Now the time is come, I have to share a  bigger picture that contain additional 20sources.

This infographes was created in 2008, Almost 6 years ago, Now Do you think that all this places are still existing for shaing your story? Well think of it, as per my obersvation all are still remain today and it will never died.

Well If you are writing a story or book then the below mentioned places are most effective and useful to generate traffic, engagements. Most common areas where you can easily caught customers

 Top 24 Story Telling Platforms
  1. Writing EffectiveBooks
  2. Preparing CDs about your story
  3. Use Print journalism
  4. Use TV to reach global audience
  5. Radio Old but today its best way to communicate
  6. Movies advertisements
  7. DVDs of your story
  8. Website
  9. Podcasts
  10. Effective use of Twitter
  11. Reach global audience on Facebook
  12. Share your important videos onYouTube
  13. Pinterest - Effective
  14. Instagram - Most effective for branding
  15. Smart phone apps - Most popular
  16. Tablet apps - Popular and future brings more demands
  17. Comics - Most useful for targeting travelers
  18. Graphic Novels - Very useful
  19. Video games - Engage people from the root
  20. Flash mobs - effective for targeting internet users
  21. Documentaries - can bring more trust and visibility
  22. Quizzes - best way to engage audience
  23. Board games - very effective
  24. Fan fiction - No more then this
When you run a buisness or any information then people must aware about you, and above mentioned poits are proven points and people are using in there daily marketing activities.

Now you have the list of right media, now its time to engage users with some proven activities

  • Design Well Today Everyone has mobile with internet availabe, so best way to reach customer directly is developing aps for mobile and tablests and engage readers throughs games or whatever you can do.
  • Well If you have a physical business then start online branding.
  • YouTube video most important, share your news with audiance
  • Find a new topics regarding your niche market, so customer will follow you.
  • Stay in News by helping other, you can take a best example of Narendra Modi Sir and Arvind kejrival.
  • Dont focused on profile and page also Join Facebook and Google+ groups related to niche.
  • Help others and your community to find your thoughts
  • Believe in free, Give knowledge and information free of cost. Once you start doing this people start following your thoughts
  • Ask questions so readers will join your conversations
  • Whenever you recives any Inquiry or Questions revert them quick, almost treat like a gold, because one your best answer can make that user feel good and become a longterm follower.
SO finally I hope you have loved this most and I try my best to disclosed 25 secrtes of shaing content on Internet.

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Tips to Get More Likes, Comments, Sharing and Engagement In Facebook Posting

Friday, January 17, 2014
Well when we think about the facebook then like, comment, share and engagement comes.

Today i was researching my Facebook marketing activities and analyzing that whats make it more effective.

I have tested several time with different posting time, different types of products and I have tried by posting more then 12 post in a day. When i was looking at Facebook engagement report then i was very surprised, as when I do Less posting I get more engagement, sharing and likes and comments, but the posting ratio increased then all the scenario is changed.

So to get Improvement on my activities, I was finding a solutions, and finally I get an Infographic and its very interesting so I decided to share this with all of my readers.

Infographic: How to Get More Likes on Facebook 

In this infographic you can see that what type of activities, posting creates the most engagement on Facebook.

how to get more likes, Engagement on Facebook 
This Infographic is Shared from the blog http://blog.kissmetrics.com/more-likes-on-facebook/ If you have any thoughts you can post on comments, If you have any questions you can also ask me, I will try to give a answer on it.
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